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Importance of Nutritional Balance for Human Life

Nutri-IQis a unique tool that helps Wellness Professionals to identify nutritional gaps as possible complaint causes. We identify related health problems and offer ways to resolve them.

In biology, homeostasis is the dynamic state of equilibrium of a living organism.

Human body is self-regulated, to a certain degree. Optimal functioning of it is achieved by dynamic balancing the homeostatic parameters. Each of these parameters can be controlled directly by the body, or indirectly with exogenous (outside of the body) forces. Bringing body back to homeostasis (and happiness) is possible via endogenous (internal body resources) and exogenous (external) forces.

Manufacturing the non-essential components from available body resources is an example of direct endogenous homeostasis control. A body low in serotonin will try to bio-synthesise more using available sources of L-tryptophan. If it failed, medications will be needed.

An example of exogenous forces application is correction of a lack of a vitamin externally, via supplementation route. Or, when body temperature is too high and we are at risk of proteins denaturation, we can use external intervention and take a cold bath or a pill trying to stop the dangerous process.

With imbalance, the living organism enters a chain of problems eventually resolving in a disease. The disease may be minor, or potentially life-threatening. It can resolve by itself, with external intervention, or eventually bring the living organism to the end of its existence.

For example, a very neat tool Heart Disease Risk Analysis estimates risk of cardiovascular disease by assessment of levels of Vitamins A, D, E, C, B1, B12, Folate, Magnesium, Potassium, Zinc, and Selenium. One may want to take supplements or change the diet to bring the body back to homeostasis, if it is not too late.

Simply speaking, nutritional homeostasis is a balance of the essential and non-essential nutrients in the human body. The course of events for disruption of nutritional homeostatic state is exactly the same: persistent and unpleasant nutritional imbalance symptoms eventually become a disease.  As a result, the body cannot function properly in optimum way, and the problems snowball.

There are extensive and expensive bio-markers blood panels which allow to tell what is amiss and what is in abundance. Conclusions would be made based on average acceptable values.

nutritional balance assessment

But, unfortunately, common medical practice is that these panels will not be run preventatively, until it may be too late. Even then, it would be difficult to assess the full picture. Additional complication is human nature: we are always imagining the worst.  Heart problems and asthma manifest themselves as shortness of breath, so do folic acid deficiency and iron toxicity. Cognitive function may be affected by nutritional balance to the point that person may be diagnosed with cretinism; all they need though is iodine supplementation. Deficiency in vitamin C and biotin mimics itself as a clinical depression. The list can go on and on; and people will be treated against grave disease in the absence of thereof.

Luckily for us though, the nutritional imbalance symptoms are very well researched. Application of research results can save time, money, careers and lead to overall wellbeing and happiness.

Besides, we all are different, and some bodies operate well outside of averaged values, whereas some fall sick well within acceptable range. Nutri-IQ tool provides a viable and non-expensive alternative, an opportunity to assess balance of 28 essential nutrients right on the spot, just based on the set of individual symptoms and uncomfortable feelings. There will be no comparison with the average Joe, just messages which your wonderful body relays.

The story below confirms that this approach works well and is really effective and efficient.

Nutri-IQ has a client who was advised by her physician to take vitamins A and D in higher doses.  At some point, she started experiencing very uncomfortable symptoms. The pain was literally unbearable; she developed major depression. Of course, she and her physicians were trying to understand what is the root cause.

Except opioids, nothing was working. Being in pain around the clock, she was not able to concentrate or perform any intellectual tasks, her personality changed, and she eventually lost her job. She was lucky enough to make a 30-min appointment with Nutri-IQ. The Nutri-IQ tool used by a Nutritionist had shown that the client has a disbalance of vitamin D and so needs a break from it, with increased consumption of folic acid, phosphorus, and selenium. Blood test confirmed vitamin D overdose! Her nutritional balance was restored in 2 weeks and she was symptom-free.

Assessment of nutritional balance brings cost-effective immediate answers when your client:

  • Feels stressed, tired, depressed
  • Takes prescription meds but cannot alleviate symptoms
  • Wants to achieve optimal wellness, prevent chronic disease, and manage aging process

Nutri-IQis a unique tool that helps Wellness Professionals to easy and conveniently identify clients’ nutritional gaps as possible causes for clients’ complaints.

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