It's Like A Blood Test But Better

Nutri-IQ™ Virtual Lab interprets body signs and symptoms as nutritional status and health risks.

Our Virtual Lab tests are similar to regular lab tests but are virtual, non-invasive, faster, and cheaper. They are also more consistent as we rely upon findings from US National Institutes of Health, US National Academy of Medicine (NAM), and work performed by reputable research teams.

Join Nutri-IQ as a Practice or an individual. We will help you:

  • Find and correct nutritional deficiencies affecting your or your clients’ wellbeing;
  • Check cardiovascular and immune system risks;
  • Identify and eliminate disease-fostering toxin exposures;
  • Understand how intolerances harm the body.

Wellness Practice: Increase Client Retention and Build Reputation

Improve client satisfaction by faster results
Provide clients with answers on the spot - no waiting
Improve accuracy of your recommendations
Save your clients time and money

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5 Step Functional Assessment

1. Input nutritional data (i.e. supplements)
2. Identify bothering symptoms
3. Perform Analysis with Nutri-IQ™
4. Use Nutri-IQ™ Analysis results to fine-tune supplementation
5. Use Nutri-IQ™ Analysis results and Blog to adjust diet

Increase Practice Revenue

How to make your practice super-profitable? Improve customer satisfaction! That allows to increase revenue stream up to 15%. Blood panels can cost to the client as much as a small car. Replace them with unlimited number of Nutri-IQ™ nutritional, histamine, salicylate, and toxin exposure assays! You will earn more, save time, reach more clients, retain existing client base, and transform and expand your business.

Nutri-IQ™ recommendations how to fix nutrient imbalances and toxin exposures are done the same way you would do by looking at conclusions of comprehensive biomarker test panels. But our AI engine does it much, much faster!

Pandemic update: sufficient immune support to ward off infection can only be provided with adequate nutritional balance and minimized toxic load. Nutri-IQ™ can help!


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Nutri-IQ offers the following services to the registered users:
  1. 24 hours of FREE access to all assessments
  2. Paid subscription to Nutritional Balance, Histamine Intolerance, Salicylate Intolerance, and Toxin Exposure assessments
  3. Life-time FREE access to COVID-19 Risk Assessment and Cardiovascular Disease Risk Assessment
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