Pandemic: Modifiable Risk Factors Screening

We know by now that the risk to get infected is mitigated by our defense mechanism, that is, by our immune system. It is scientifically proven that and undernutrition predisposes us to getting infections.

Will our defender, our immune system, deflect the threat that the pandemic poses to the health and the wallet? Patients hospitalized with COVID-19 have received bills upward of $400,000.

Being deficient in antioxidants, niacin, and other nutrients creates gaps in the defense mechanism, as the immune system cannot operate the best possible way without them. Proof? Read our summary from the recent research papers:

COVID-19 Pandemic: Nutritional Balance as Modifiable Risk Factor

You can easily identify existing nutritional gaps using Nutri-IQ Pandemic Risk Screening Tool. What's next? You can reduce risk of falling seriously ill by consuming specific delicious foods and/or (not so delicious) supplements, to keep your immune system ready for the fight.

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