Nutrition meets Artificial Intelligence

As many people nowadays, I got a rude awakening by realization that humanity is dying from malnutrition. Not only because there is shortage of food on the most part of the planet, but also because that nutritional content of our food is quite abominable. Western world suffers from great many diseases, and most of them are either preventable, or well manageable by nutrition. Examples are fertility issues, epidemics of auto-immune diseases, and proliferating stress effects.

I do believe that the human race can, should and must use science and technology to transcend inborn and acquired physical and mental limitations. This process is sometimes called “biohacking”. We can monitor our body systems’ performance using blood panel tests or just by measuring body temperature. We see hints of biohacking in the trend of monitoring one’s body and mind using smart watches or similar devices.

And there are so many recommendations on how to bring your body to desired shape and performance on the media, just use what you like better, cut corners and save time, right? Health-conscious population picked up biohacking shortcuts with gusto and enthusiasm. The common belief is that the easiest way to improve state of wellbeing is to compensate nutritional imbalance by taking a pill. It is no wonder that Supplements Industry is booming. In 2015, 45.6% of Canadians aged one year and older (approximately 15.7 million people) used at least one nutritional supplement. In the USA, annual spending on Supplements in 2017 reached $36bln; average family spends annually over $300 to buy supplements in their pursuit of happiness and health.

There are 2 very important questions regarding  your body needs which need to be answered to understand how good for you is your compensation approach (not for Instagram influencer or a girl next door who recommended this beautiful pill):
Can your body absorb good stuff from those colourful pills?
Do you know what’s the current state of your nutritional balance?

Nutri-IQ™ method allows to answer these questions and assess balance of essential nutrients. As such, it is designed by Wellness professional for Wellness professionals. Let me explain how it works.

It is a FACT (not assumption or hype) that human body is self-regulated by dynamic balancing the homeostatic parameters. When one or more parameters go out of balance to bring body to a different balanced state, others may follow suit. The process of self-regulating manifests in symptoms, sometimes vaguely noticeable, but sometimes unpleasant and dangerous, like very high fever while expelling a virus, or broken bones of a person suffering from malnutrition, when calcium is leached from the skeleton to compensate for poor diet. And unless the disrupting factor is handled properly, body will try to restore the balance until it expires.

Nutri-IQ™ method allows to make conclusions regarding individual’s nutritional balance exclusively symptomatically, by recording and assessing those transitional symptomatic manifestations. There is a vast body of scientific research which was summarized and formalized by Nutri-IQ™ method for convenience of use. And since we are still just scratching the surface of malnutrition problem, without going deep into chemistry or psychology of it, Nutri-IQ™ method is biohacking at its best, when we are using Artificial Intelligence to combine big data to make the most precious thing, human life, happy and healthy.

" I like the concept you have presented! From what I understand, it allows providers to determine what supplements should be prescribed, as well as ensuring that recommendations are not contraindicated for a patient’s set of presenting symptoms.
Dr Rhuel Maano